Privacy Policy DesignWebLab


All websites are created in accordance with the wishes of the clients and within an agreed upon price range set at the time between the client and DesignWebLab Inc., based upon our estimate of work needed and the clients' explanation of their needs. After-the-fact changes will be accommodated but must be charged out at our normal hourly rate.

Any errors or omissions on the part of DesignWebLab Inc. personnel will be rectified at our expense.

The one-time cost of the web design does not include any future updating, changes, additions, or deletions. All such work is welcome but must be charged out at our usual hourly rate. Consultation in any form, whether it be verbal in person or via telephone, or through email, must also be charged out on an hourly basis.

Although DesignWebLab Inc. has often helped clients by guiding them in setting up domain names and hosting services at no charge, we are not responsible for any follow up which may need to be done with any third party. We will gladly help those of our clients who may be unable to do such follow-up, but this consultation must be charged out at our usual hourly rate.

Any search engine optimization done for the client is a one-time service only. Further changes, updates or deletions must be charged out at our normal hourly rate.

DesignWebLab Inc. does their utmost to help our clients rank as highly as possible in the search engines; however, due to the vast number of variables present in internet searches, DesignWebLab Inc. as with the other search engine optimization services, does not guarantee ranking, nor is it responsible for the appearance of information in the various search engines, which each have their own particular ways of retrieving information from a website and then displaying it.


In the case of delinquent accounts (overdue by over 90 days), DesignWebLab Inc. reserves the right to remove the website content from the server until such time payment has been received. Once payment and interest has been received, DesignWebLab Inc. will endeavour to reinstate the website content as it was before it was removed.