Web Consulting

Consulting services to help you with your web initiatives

Our professional experience, good technical skills and knowledge of the best business and industry practices enable us to provide our clients with practical advice and valuable recommendations.

We design for our clients appropriate internet strategy, which has to maximize site's marketing effectiveness in a planned, phased way corresponding exactly with target market segments, content and referral structure. We know how to make the site accessible and easy-to-navigate for diverse audiences.

For commercial sites this results in increasing the number of clients and revenue. For informational sites this means that users are able easily to find information they need.

Web Design Services

Web site design and redesign:
A clean, professional home page for your organization.

Web site maintenance:
Updating content and graphics on your site.

Web site architecture:
Making sure the content and information on your web site is well-organized.

Content management:
Building a content management system that allows you to update your own web site without coding knowledge.

Business consulting:
Recommending effective ways to run your online marketing program and integrating it with an offline campaign, showing you how to create a sense of community on your web site.