Search engine ranking

Achieving a good search engine ranking can be done through a combination of specialized techniques. These include how your Web pages are programmed, the content and formatting of each page, how your website is structured and other factors.


Effective SEO is not usually something you can do yourself and it is well worth hiring a professional to do it for you. The initial cost is recovered by the considerable amount of qualified visitor traffic a search engine can send your way. Ongoing maintenance will ensure that your website remains well-positioned ahead of any online competitors.
What We Offer

Search Engine Optimization

Get your site amongst the top of the search engine listings in Google, Yahoo, MSN, and others.

Link-building Program

Increases your reach and search engine rankings.

Myth about SEO

Search Engine Optimization is too expensive.

Search Engine Optimization are highly cost effective when compared to traditional advertising media. Example - a modest display ad in a yellow pages book can cost thousands of dollars per year and offers virtually no way to target specific customers or track the quality of leads produced (if any). With that kind of budget - or for even less - a search engine marketing campaign can deliver precisely targeted leads to a business' website, while clearly showing which ads produce the most sales.

Optimize your website to gain maximum exposure and visibility to the search engine robots.

Onsite Search Engine Optimization is simply working with our web development team in order to optimize your site layout and content to maximize effectiveness in your search engine results for relevant keywords. The process can either be applied to an existing website or during the creation process of a new site.

Inbound link development and quality networking
online to gain success.

Offsite SEO can simply be defined as the process of aggressively promoting your website on the internet. The process requires careful analysis and dedication in order to yield successful results. At DesignWebLab we have extensive experience in Search Engine Optimization and help you bring your website up in the web search
engine rankings.

Some examples of Off Site SEO:
  • Directory listings
  • Engine submissions
  • Inbound links
  • Keyword linking
  • Link placement

  • Content Creation

    Our expert writers will optimize your text content for maximum effect. Writing search engine friendly content is not a simple task. However, when done successfully can achieve tremendous results fast. Our experts have a good understanding of how Search Engines index websites and know how to create content that will take your website to the next level.

    SEO Maintenance

    Conducting SEO on your website is simply not enough if you want sustainable results in the long run. You will need to continuously work on the SEO process in order to sustain your website's top ranking. DesignWebLab offers our clients the service of continuous SEO on your website. Our services offer clients a more cost effective solution to having costly in house investments into SEO. Please contact us for more details.